Water Quality Trading
Programs Outside of the  U.S.
Trading Programs Outside of the United States

Comparative International Studies

  • An Integrated Assessment of Water Markets: Australia, Chile, China, South Africa, and the USA. (July 2010). R. Quentin Grafton, Clay Landry, Gary D. Libecap, Sam McGlennon, and Robert O'Brien. NBER Working Paper No. 16203.
  • Water Quality Programs: An International Overview. (March 2009). Mindy Selman, Suzie Greenhalgh, Evan Branosky, Cy Jones, and Jenny Guiling. WRI Issue Brief no.1.

  • Dairy Australia Report (2008): "Effluent and Manure Management Database for the Australian Dairy Industry"
  • 2004 Presentation: Salinity and Nutrient Trading in Australia
  • 2004 Research Report: "Establishing the Potential for Offset Trading In the Lower Fitzroy River"
  • Bill 99 Lake Simcoe Protection Act: To protect and restore the ecological health of the Lake Simcoe Watershed and to amend the Ontario Water Resources Act  in respect of Water Quality Trading (see Section 30)
  • 2006 Report: "Can Water Quality Trading Help to Address Agricultural Sources of Pollution in Canada?"
  • "Water Quality Trading 1: Scientific Considerations for Agricultural Pollutants"

  • 1998 Tradable Discharge Permits System for Water Pollution:
  • Sloping Lands Conservation Program:
    • "Grain for Green" - Program utilizes an intermediary-based transaction (local government) internal trading payment mechanism where the central government allocates funding for compensation to farmers setting aside part of their cropland. 
  • Jesus De Otoro:
    • A program focusing on water quality and reducing water pollution using improved management practices and a point system to determine payments. 
  • Sukhomajri: Community Watershed Management
    • Focuses on water quality through participatory integrated watershed management projects using best management practices. Their payment mechanism is an NGO intermediary-based transaction and tradable water rights/user fees.
  • Kenya Integrated Ecosystem Project:
    • A Market Design strategy for Water Quality to reduce erosion and pollutants into Lake Victoria and also includes carbon credits from tree planting and biodiversity.
 New Zealand
  • 2007 Working Paper: "Nutrient Trading in Lake Rotorua: Where Are We Now?" 
Regional Programs
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