2004 News  


USEPA Announces Water Quality Trading Handbook
The USEPA released its "Water Quality Trading Assessment Handbook: Can Trading Held Advance You Watershed's Goals?" The purpose of the handbook is to help users evaluate whether the circumstances in a particular watershed make it likely or unlikely that trading can be effectively implemented on a watershed basis to address the existing water quality problem(s). Link to handbook.

Watershed Services: The New Carbon
Katoomba Group's Ecosystem Marketplace. Environmental Trading Network interviewed for article.

The National Association of Counties (NACo) passed a resolution last week in support of EPA's 2003 Water Quality Trading Policy.
The resolution reads: In support of EPA's water quality trading policy. NACo calls upon the President and federal agencies, as well as state regulatory authorities, to adopt water quality trading policies consistent with the policy proposed by the EPA. NACo suggests any regulations or policies adopted to control and reduce watershed nonpoint pollution should be flexible and voluntary, and not necessarily require costly controls when less costly controls may be appropriate and effective. Link to NACo.

USEPA Selects Targeted Watersheds for 2004.
Five of the fourteen watershed projects involve trading. Read a summary of each trading project. Link to the EPA website.

California Trader Arrested on Wire Fraud Charges.
Read the USEPA press release.

Benjamin Grumbles, Acting Assistant Administrator for Water, USEPA, testifies before the Subcommittee on Water Resources and the Environment, U.S. House of Representatives, February 26, 2004. Read the statement.

State of Virginia Senate Bill No. 639 defines allowable tributary loading of phosphorus and nitrogen from major basins.
Read the bill.

USEPA Releases New Guidance for Watershed Based NPDES Permitting.
The permitting serves as an important mechanism to institute trading. Long Island Sound (CT) and Neuse River (NC) permits are described within the guidance. Link to the guidance.

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