The Environmental Trading Network

A clearinghouse for water quality trading and environmental markets, dedicated to information-sharing for reliable technical information, key policy and regulatory issues, and transferable design elements.

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Essential Resources

~ USDA-EPA Water Quality Trading Roadmap Tool
~ EPA: Ask WATERS Expert Tool and Water Quality Trading Webpage
~ USDA Environmental Markets Webpage
~ National Water Quality Trading Alliance (NWQTA)
~ National Network for Water Quality Trading (NNWQT)
~ Forest Trends Ecosystems Marketplace

About the ETN

The ETN provides information and links to thousands of reliable technical and peer-reviewed resources relating to the development and implementation of Water Quality Trading programs and other Environmental Markets-based strategies in the United States and around the world, to achieve healthier, sustainable environments.

The ETN originated as a collaborative information-sharing effort with funding from the Great Lakes Protection Fund (GLPF). As the ETN continues to collaborate and participate in a variety of innovative environmental market-based projects, project tracking and reporting is made available on the ETN Projects page.